McG’s College Avenue Burgers & Beers [Grilled Chicken Sandwich]


THRIVE Lunch was downtown today on a rainy, cold, somewhat miserable Monday afternoon. But, the nasty weather didn’t stop a rather large group of THRIVERS from  coming downtown Appleton to McG’s College Avenue Burgers & Beer for a quick bite with some friendly company. If you have never been to McG’s, I don’t blame you, as it is somewhat hidden among many shops, bars, and restaurants on the south side of College Avenue (205 W. College Ave). It used to be the old Cleo’s Brown Beam Tavern but now World Famous Cleo’s is next door.

Bar Food @ Noon

Walking in there were many friendly faces crowded around small pub top tables as well as other faces scattered around the large wooden bar in the middle of the rather narrow bar. The waitress seems to be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, but either way, she was friendly and quick to bring back drinks, which were N/A as it was 11:30 on a Monday. The menu was pretty limited to burgers and appetizers, but that being said, they are catering to the ‘bar’ crowd that I am sure thinks of a burger with all the fixings and fries at 1:30 a glorious early morning meal. They also had a large drink menu and a sign on the wall that noted Wednesday night is ladies night ($5 from 9PM to close, I think).

I decided on something a little less salty than a burger and fries, going with what I know best, poultry. It didn’t take to terribly long for the sandwich to make its way to the bar top in front of me. It came with lettuce, tomato, and I also asked for a side of barbecue to flavor up the juice piece of chicken. It was a typical chicken sandwich, on a white Manderfield’s bun and ran me about $7. That seemed a bit high for just a chicken sandwich, but it was good, so I will stop complaining. Although I decided on chicken, the place is known for its burgers, which looked pretty dang good as they came out of the kitchen.

Go downtown. Get a burger and a beer at McG’s. Don’t get parking ticket like I did last week.


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205 W. College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54911

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