Osorio’s Latin Fusion [House Salad with Chicken]

Osorio's Latin Fusion House Salad

Go here. Try it. At least once. Oddly enough, this little stretch of Casaloma Drive is considered “off the beaten path” by many. Locations such as the New York Deli and Osorio’s Latin Fusion are just a half-mile away from the mall complex on the West side of town, yet get overlooked far too often.

This marks our third time at Osorio’s and our first set of reviews. M and I have been to Osorio’s a couple of times for events and finally decided to give it a go for lunch. We’ve met the owners on numerous occasions and sampled the food, but never actually came in for a proper sit-down style meal. The other day we remedied this long overdue oversight. 

A Great House Salad in a Funky Bowl

The house salad is mixed greens, cotija cheese (a salty cheese), pepitas (squash seeds), cucumbers, and tomatoes with your choice of grilled chicken ($8.00), grilled steak ($9.00), grilled shrimp ($10.00), or grilled salmon ($12.00). Naturally, I opted for grilled chicken. I’m pretty sure I have reached “archnemesis” status with the local poultry population.

You can’t see much chicken in the photos, but was in there. Unlike most salads that have large strips of grilled chicken, Osorio’s cuts theirs up into finer portions so you get a more consistent chicken experience throughout your salad rather than having to save the chicken for last (at least, that’s what I tend to do). So, how was it? I can think of just two other salads I’ve had in recent memory that have a shot at comparing with the house salad at Osorio’s. One is the Apple Harvest Salad up at Grapevine Cafe in De Pere. The second is the Seafood Salad at Rico’s Family Restaurant in Freedom. Both salads were awesome, but Osorio’s gave them both a run for their money.

I would also be remiss if I forgot to mention the bowl. You can’t really tell in the photo below, but the salad arrived in an oval oblong bowl which was so large it kind of made the salad seem small (it wasn’t). A very cool presentation and yummy to boot. How could you go wrong for $8.00? You can’t!

Overall… +1 all the way around. Kim, one of the owners of Osorio’s and one of the most upbeat people you’ll ever meet, even came around to see how we were doing and was doing the “dirty work” of clearing tables. Entrepreneurs rock!

- T

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Osorio's Latin Fusion House Salad


Osorio’s Latin Fusion
1910 N. Casaloma Drive
Appleton, WI 54914

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