WeatherVane Restaurant [Sunrise Special #1]


Lately, my theory has been, breakfast is breakfast. Scrambled eggs, toast, fruit and hash browns taste basically the same at each breakfast establishment. Well, today this theory proved true, but there was much more going on at the WeatherVane Restaurant in downtown Menasha this morning for breakfast. The style cafe is located just north of ‘the island’ and a few doors down from a Food in the Fox favorite, The Menasha Grill.

Free Smells for Breakfast

First things first. This place had an incredible smell, but it wasn’t the food that I smelt while walking in. It was an apple pie/cinnamon smell that was faint, but noticeable. It was a refreshing treat, as breakfast places usually small of coffee and bacon (not that I am complaining about that fact). The place was filled with hungry breakfast goers and the lively red colors throughout the place really gave it some extra energy. There was also a large painted tree on the wall towards the back of the restaurant that was rather unique.

The menu ranged from eggs Benedict to cheese curds, along side many other breakfast and lunch options. Their breakfast special was hard to pass up. It was two eggs, toast and hash browns for around $4. I decided to go that route and opt for fresh fruit rather than hash browns. The food did not take long to prepare and before we knew it, breakfast was sitting in front of us. Like I previously mentioned, eggs and toast taste like eggs and toast at just about every breakfast establishment on the third rock from the sun. While eating, the waitress came over a few times to see how things were and the staff overall seemed very attentive. Overall, a positive breakfast dining experience.

Tsunami Challenge

Before leaving, something caught my eye. This something was the Tsunami Challenge. The challenge involves eating seven pound of food, which includes a 14-ingredient omelet, plus hash browns, pancakes, and toast. The omelet includes: ham, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, American cheese, cheddar cheese, tomato, pepperjack cheese, spinach, Swiss cheese, onions, green peppers, and broccoli, all rolled within a tortilla and eggs.  For only $19.99 and a stomach ache, anyone who finishes this in under 60 minutes, receives a free t-shirt and lifetime bragging rights. Bring it on, Tsunami Challenge!

Just kidding.


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WeatherVane Restaurant
186 Main Street
Menasha, WI 54956

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