WeatherVane Restaurant [Sunrise Special #1]

WeatherVane Sunrise Special #1

The WeatherVane has been recommended a time or two but until yesterday morning went unvisited by Food in the Fox. As I found out, I waited far too long to give the WeatherVane a shot. A lot of other people were giving it a shot that morning, too. The place was pretty well packed and it stayed that way throughout the mid-morning breakfast. 

A Trend is (Happily) Broken at WeatherVane

The Service - Just the other day I wrote about how waitresses disappearing seemed to be a trend. I’m happy to report this trend did not continue at WeatherVane. After being seated, I was asked no less than three times if I wanted something to drink. Each waitress came along just moments after the last one left. I did end up with two waters, which happened to work out perfectly considering I was waiting for my co-author to arrive.

The Atmosphere - Overall, the atmosphere is nice. The ceilings are quite high in the old brick building and deep wine-red colors are a nice change of pace from the predominant browns, off whites, and blacks I have been seeing in many other eating establishments. Even though the place is relatively small and was packed full of breakfast-goers, the noise level was very comfortable. There is also plenty of parking and a rear entrance, which was nice since a steady cold rain was coming down pretty much all day.

The Food - The Sunrise Specials range from $3.49 to $4.49 and are a variety of eggs, hash browns, toast, waffles, pancakes, bacon, and sausage combinations. I opted for the Sunrise Special #1, which was an old fashioned eggs, hash brown, and toast combo. You can’t even eat at Subway for $3.49, much less get a full home style hot breakfast, so the price was awesome. The last place I remember seeing prices this good would have been with Molly’s Early Bird Special up there in Kimberly. 

To recap, the service and the location were both great. The food also fit the mold. However, I’m starting to run out of things to say about eggs and toast. In the end, if WeatherVane was just a little closer to my typical roaming grounds I think it could easily become a go-to breakfast destination.

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WeatherVane Sunrise Special #1

WeatherVane Sunrise Specials

WeatherVane Restaurant


WeatherVane Restaurant
186 Main Street
Menasha, WI 54956

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