Bléoni’s Restaurant & Pancake House [Breakfast Bagel]


Breakfast today was off the beaten path at a place called Bléoni’s Restaurant & Pancake House. I had a bit of a hard time finding the breakfast establishment this morning, probably because I am not familiar with the Metropolis of Sherwood. It is tucked away in a strip mall off of Highway 114, not far from High Cliff State Park. Anyways, this small restaurant was very bright and colorful upon walking in at around 10:00AM on a Wednesday morning. I am amazed at how many ‘family’ style restaurants are located around the valley. There must be a couple hundred and they all seem to be doing pretty good.

Typical Breakfast Food WITH Hollandaise Sauce

This small cafe had about a dozen tables scattered throughout as well as a breakfast bar. The young waitress was very prompt in coming to pour a cup of coffee as I looked through the menu. The menu was a typical breakfast menu. Eggs done this way and the other, served with hash browns and toast,  but something did catch my eye. Eggs Benedict is not my favorite dish, but bring on the Hollendaise sauce. I could eat Hollandaise sauce with just about every meal. But many restaurants do not offer it with their breakfast specials. It’s probably better most restaurants don’t have it, because it is pretty much liquid fat.

I decided on the breakfast bagel, which was a toasted white bagel with cheddar cheese and a few scrambled eggs. It comes with meat, but I decided to go meatless for breakfast. It was good and the Hollendaise sauce that came on the side was a tasty dipping sauce for the breakfast sandwich. Breakfast, with coffee, came to around $7, which isn’t too bad, considering Food in the Fox has found some pretty spectacular breakfast specials in the Fox Valley.




Bléoni’s Restaurant & Pancake House
W571 Castle Drive
Sherwood, WI, 54169

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