Cinder’s Charcoal Grill [Oriental Chicken Salad]


Cinder’s Charcoal Grill was one of the first restaurants I tried out when I moved down to the Valley. There is one location on the east side of Appleton next to Menard’s at 221 South Kensington Drive and the other location is on he west side of Appleton at 2369 W. Wisconsin Avenue. THRIVE lunch was at the Wisconsin Avenue location on Monday for lunch with complimentary chair massages and chocolates after lunch, provided by Appleton Chiropractic, just few doors down from Cinder’s.

Small Grills and Open Kitchen

Something that caught my eye at Cinder’s, were the small grills placed throughout the place. They were the tiny grills that work out perfect for tailgating and other outdoor events. The kitchen here was also open, making it easy to watch the kitchen full of people cook for a crowd that grew to about 35 people. I give cooks credit. When I am watching chefs cook my food at a restaurant, it is so much different. I guess because I can see the multitasking of not burning the food or setting anything or better yet, anyone, on fire.

Cook Your Own Cow

This makes me think of a restaurant in the Wausau area years ago. You could choose your cut of raw meat and they had large grills setup all over the ‘dinners kitchen’ for people to grill their own steaks. Some people loved it and others thought ‘why the hell am I paying to cook my own food?’ If you didn’t feel like slaying over a hot grill, the restaurant chefs would cook your steak for you. I was indifferent, but it was a neat experience. Too bad the place closed down about 5 years ago.

Anyways, at Cinder’s it looked like the chefs had everything under control as they were making lunch. A chicken salad was my meal choice and it was extremely large and came with a deep fried bread stick. The dressing was a tangy, low-calorie sesame. It sure beat boring ranch. The chicken on the salad was good, but for being cooked over a charcoal fire, I really couldn’t taste much of a difference from chicken cooked on a flat top grill. It was a little disappointing, but that didn’t stop me from eating most of it. It was averaged priced, coming in at $9 for the large portion.

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Cinder’s Charcoal Grill
2369 W Wisconsin Ave.
Appleton, WI 54914

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