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Little Chicago is one of those places that I drive by all the time but fail to stop at. Well that is not completely true, I have been here once for a THRIVE Lunch a while back. Friday, I had salad bar/buffet on the brain, so it was a toss up between Mark’s East Side and Little Chicago. As awesome as the hot bacon dressing is at Mark’s, Food in the Fox decided on Little Chicago for lunch.

Big Place and Beet Makeup

This restaurant is located in Kaukauna, on the corner of highway KK and highway 55 off of Friendship Drive. The supper club has been around for a number of years but recently moved into a new place, which is nice and there is plenty of room in the place. There is a large bar filled with a few gambling machines and the dining room is off on the side of the bar. Sitting down, I noticed the smallish salad bar, which had on it pickled beets. Did you know that years ago, before modern makeup, people would use beet juice for lipstick and blush? Some people still use it in homemade makeup products. Random fact of the day. Anyways, the salad bad looked like a good bet, so after looking through the menu I decided on that, with a side of cheese curds!

The salad bar was pretty typical. It had the normal vegetables, dressings and croutons along side a few pasta dishes and creamy cucumbers (another all time favorite). They had a few different soups, one of which was seafood chowder, as shown in the horrible picture below. The soup was decent and not overly salty or fishy. The cheese curds were just okay (sad face). I was hoping they would have been beer battered, white cheddar curds, but they were not. They were still tasty little nuggets of cheese, so I guess I cannot complain too much. Overall, a pretty good dinning experience.


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Little Chicago
N9650 Friendship Drive
Kaukauna, WI 54130

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