Little Chicago [Soup & Salad Bar]

Little Chicago Seafood Chowder

Even though I have been to  Little Chicago before back when it was a THRIVE Lunch destination, for whatever reason we neglected to write about. Well, I’m here to remedy that situation. The other day I was craving something reliable for lunch (can’t try new places every day) and Little Chicago quickly rose to the top of the list. Little Chicago is slightly off the beaten path between Darboy and Kaukauna, just off Calumet Street on Friendship Drive.

Awesome Haddock Chowder

The last time I was at Little Chicago I distinctly remember being envious of my fellow THRIVE’ers and their tasty looking sandwiches. Well, I guess I’ll still have to remain envious because on my most recent visit I opted to go for the soup and salad bar instead of a sandwich. Yes… it looks like I’m back on the diet bandwagon (sort of). The salad bar is pretty typical fare. Everything was plenty fresh and there was your typical array of salad bar offerings. 

This is where the aforementioned “sort of” comes into play. I’m not usually a chowder kind of guy, but the Seafood Chowder at Little Chicago looked way too tempting. I could see the huge chunks of seafood floating around in there and that was enough to tempt me with a bowl (or two). As it turns out, the “seafood” chowder is just haddock (we asked), which was fine by me. Oddly, there was probably just about as much fish in two or three hearty bowls of this soup as there is in a plain old haddock dinner. It was that CHUNKY. Which, in turn, made it pretty awesome. 

In addition to the salad there was a couple different types of pasta salad, both of which were good. There was also an assortment of crackers, salad dressings, and honestly, there was a second soup choice that I don’t even remember because after tasting the chowder it didn’t matter anymore.

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Little Chicago Seafood Chowder


Little Chicago
N9650 Friendship Drive
Kaukauna, WI 54130

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