Old Glory Cafe [Two Eggs & Toast]

Old Glory Cafe Eggs

Today we have a shorter than normal Food in the Fox post. Honestly, we’re running out of things to write about eggs and toast. Maybe we have to start ordering our eggs in a wider array of varieties or maybe even go outside of our well-established comfort zone and order something off-the-wall like waffles or pancakes. Despite the egg-induced writer’s block, we’re going to go ahead and throw down a few photos and a few words about Old Glory Cafe.

Patriotic Decor, Good Eggs, Awesome Price

Old Glory Cafe is on Kimberly Avenue in Kimberly. The small cafe lives up to its name, as it is decorated with American flags and patriotic themed decor from a variety of periods in the history of our great country. Pretty much everything in Old Glory is one shade or another of red, white, and blue. It definitely makes for a different sort of ambiance when compared to many of the other cafes and family style restaurants in the area, and that’s a plus.

All-in-all, Old Glory Cafe served up an interesting environment, quick and friendly service, a tasty breakfast, and a great price. Both breakfast meals came in at under $7.00 (together), which is easily the best price we have found so far for a small but satisfying breakfast. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the wheat toast wasn’t soaked through with butter, and despite the fact neither of us ordered coffee, I appreciated the multiple flavors of creamer sitting on the table should we have decided to take the caffeinated route.

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Old Glory Cafe on Urbanspoon

Old Glory Cafe Scrambled Eggs

Two eggs in a scrambled state with wheat toast and fruit.

Old Glory Cafe Easy Over

Two eggs easy over with toast.

Old Glory Cafe Interior

Inside Old Glory Cafe.

Old Glory Cafe Interior  

Old Glory Cafe’s patriotic decor.

Old Glory Cafe Creamer

Multiple flavors of creamer. Something every diner and coffee shop should have, yet few do.


Old Glory Cafe
104 W. Kimberly Avenue
Kimberly, WI 54136

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  1. Matt Coenen says:

    We thank you for the positive reply about Old Glory Cafe, we do our best to give our customers a great meal at a great price. The reason I opened Old Glory Cafe was a tribute to our Veterans and thank them for everything they have done for our Country and for our Freedom. So please fly your flag year round and thank a Veteran when you can both young and old.
    Matt Coenen
    Old Glory Cafe

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