Pizza King [Turkey With Swiss Salad]

Pizza King Sliced Turkey Breast Salad

What’s that? I went to a pizza place again and didn’t order pizza? Okay, you caught me. The last time I did that it was at Butch’s Pizza. This time it was at Pizza King on Wisconsin (right across from the big Appleton building). However, I had an excuse. This weekend I ate at Pizza Hut in Tomah, WI. A Pepperoni Lover’s pizza to be exact, with not one but two orders of cheesy garlic bread. I’ll be working that off for approximately the next six months. But anyway, back to Pizza King, which hosted today’s great THRIVE Lunch!

Not Just Pizza

Don’t let the name Pizza King fool you, this little eatery (of which there are three in the Appleton area and one in Greenville) has a  menu that consists of not only pizza, but also sub sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Any of the subs can be made into a wrap or a salad, and that’s just what I did today. There are 22 different subs on the menu and they range from the American (in the #1 position, of course) to the #22 Seafood/Crab. Right in the middle is the #11, where I found the Sliced Breast of Turkey with Swiss, which is what I ordered in salad form. 

When it comes to subs, wraps, and salads, Pizza King kind of works like Subway in that you get a choice of what you want on it. Vegetable selections include lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onions, sprouts, green peppers, black olives, mushrooms, hot peppers, and banana peppers. Dressings include Miracle Whip, a variety of mustard options,  French, ranch, Italian oil, 1000 island, horseradish  BBQ, pizza sauce, peppercorn, and two fat free selections: mayo and ranch. I opted for fat free ranch on the side.

All-in-all, this decently sized sub-come-salad was nice and fresh and tasted just fine. Nothing really set it apart from any other ‘fast food’ salad I have eaten recently (and there have been a few). Sliced up deli turkey never really seems to have much flavor, so I’m kind of wishing I would have went for something a little more robust; maybe the aforementioned #22 or the #20 Grilled Chicken Breast Strips with Mozzarella. For a few cents extra you can also opt for smoked bacon, extra cheese, or double meat. 

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Pizza King Sliced Turkey Breast Salad

Pizza King Sliced Turkey Breast Salad


Pizza King
800 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Appleton, Wisconsin 54911

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