Solea Mexican Grill [Seafood Chimichanga]

Solea Seafood Chimichanga

The last time I wrote about Mexican food I stated that I was going to try something completely different than the stereotypical fajitas and quesadilla. Well, I managed to hold true to this pledge. Today at Solea Mexican Grill on Mutual Way in Appleton (near the Fox River Mall), I decided to go with a seafood chimichanga. The seafood chimichanga is a  pretty simple affair. It’s a corn tortilla stuffed with shrimp and crab and then deep fried. It’s served with lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, and vegetables.

High on Calories, Bit Lite on Flavor

So, yeah. Okay. Um… how many calories do you think is on that plate? Honestly, I don’t even want to think about it. On the upside, I did get two meals out of it. The picture makes the chimichanga look much smaller than it really was, so I ended up taking half of everything on the plate home. Anyway, what you see below definitely isn’t all that you get. Inside that golden deep fried sauce covered calorie laden tortilla wrap is a generous portion of crab and a few shrimp.

Overall, the meal was just fine for the $9.99 price tag, but I thought it was a touch bland given the potentially interesting combination of flavors. Deep fried tortilla, crab, shrimp, sauces… it’s like everything good wrapped up into a neat little package. A bit of Cholula Hot Sauce (and Tabasco after I got home with the leftovers) went a long way to spicing things up. The most flavorful thing on the plate was easily the pico de gallo. The grilled vegetables and the rice… eh; they were fine. In the end, I just cannot force myself to fall in love with Mexican food, even after expanding my horizons a little and trying new things.

The service was great, the atmosphere is nice, and the doors were actually open 15+ minutes before the stated opening time, which was nice since we arrived a bit earlier than expected. Also, tortilla chips are served as an appetizer and were exceptionally tasty today.

On a side note, I think it’s about time to hop back on the low-calorie, low-sodium wagon. :(

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Solea Seafood Chimichanga


Solea Mexican Grill
1104 Mutual Way
Appleton, WI 54913

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