Solea Mexican Grill [Seafood Wrap]


Mexican food was in the air yesterday and that is what led Food in the Fox to Solea Mexican Grill on the west side of Appleton near the Fox River Mall. Having skipped breakfast, I was getting hungry at around 10:30 and they do not open until 11:00. I decided to quickly sneak across the street and take a peak at some of the fun new summer items that were in at Kirklands. They have some really cute things in there right now, but after looking around didn’t seem to find anything that I really liked. Anyways, this isn’t a shopping blog. Across the street to Solea we went for lunch, again.

Mexican Fireplace

It was still a bit before 11:00, but to my surprise the door was open and their was a smiling staff member there to greet us. She sat us at a large booth right next to a small window that over looked the parking lot and Casaloma Drive. The decor was a traditional Mexican style, filled with bright colors and in the middle of the large dining room, a square, glass fireplace. This was interesting because while most restaurants don’t even have fireplaces, Solea has this beautiful glass one as almost a centerpiece in the dining room. It was neat.

Complimentary Chips, Salsa and Bean Dip

Shortly after sitting down, a man brought out chips, salsa and bean dip. The tortilla chips were warm and the salsa was at just about the right heat. The bean dip, which I am not a fan of, was okay. The menu was huge! They had lunch specials, dinner specials and drink specials. After eating my fair share of tortilla chips, I decided to go with the Seafood Wrap which was grilled shrimp and scallops, romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, fresco cheese and chipotle ranch dressing. The scallops were juicy but the shrimp were a bit ever cooked as they were a bit too chewy. The wrap didn’t fall apart like some wraps do and the dressing that come on the side was decent, although I mainly used the salsa for dipping my wrap, rather than the dressing.  The service was pretty good and the price was right at $9, even though the wrap didn’t come with a side (there was plenty to eat).

 - M

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Solea Mexican Grill
1104 Mutual Way
Appleton, WI 54913

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