The Remedy Pub & Eatery [Sesame Tuna Salad]


Food in the Fox took a road trip today. Straight east is where we ventured and after a short drive ended up in Two Rivers. With the end destination being Point Beach State Park, we decided to grab a bite to eat before heading to the park. Driving through Two Rivers, there were a few places to choose from, including¬† the ‘Grumpy Grape’ which was unfortunately closed. We drove past The Remedy on the Washington Street and decided to give it a shot.

Old Building, Great Service

Walking in, there were a few other people scattered throughout the restaurant. I immediately loved the environment. They had high ceilings and great lighting throughout the old building. There was also an upstairs, which had tables setup for a large group and the old wooden stairs creaked, which just added to the charm of the somewhat large restaurant in historic downtown Two Rivers. The waitress was extremely friendly and was very attentive from the moment we walked in until leaving. 

The menu was pretty interesting. Having eaten at so many family style restaurants lately, it was nice to see some different items on the menu. After the traumatic experience of Wisconsin Brusetta a few weeks back, it was time to do brushetta right. This stuff rocked! The balsamic vinegar was sweeter than normal and the flat bread was a nice change up from typical French bread. My only complaint here was that for 4 small pieces it came in at $6.99.  For lunch I went with the Sesame Tuna Salad which was Sesame crusted Ahi Tuna seared and lightly coated with a sweet chili glaze served on a salad of mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. This was delicious. The carrots in the salad tasted like they were just grated up and the Tuna was cooked to perfection. The sweet chili glaze was the prefect amount of sweetness to go with the tuna.


Overall, the place won me over. Great food, good service, awesome atmosphere and all at a reasonable price. I did have a stomach ache after leaving the place, but I think the bar popcorn I ate may have been sitting in the popcorn popper for a few days. I look forward to going back!


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The Remedy Pub & Eatery
1513 Washington Street
Two Rivers, WI 54241

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