Waverly Beach [Gyro]

Waverly Beach Gyro

Today’s lunch destination was a toss up. Literally. We tossed a quarter to decide between Cozy Corner in downtown Appleton (heads) and Waverly Beach in Menasha (tails). As you can see, tails it was so off to Waverly Beach we went. Oddly enough, we were just at Waverly last week for a Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce Business Connection event. At said event, I won a $10 Waverly gift card, which may or may not have influenced today’s dining decision. 

A Pretty Good Gyro And A (Potentially) Nice View

My favorite gyro (so far) come from B52 down in Menominee Falls (on Appleton Avenue). There’s just something about it I like so much that I have driven all the way there on more than one occasion just to get one of those gyros. Of course, the Nutty Bavarian pecans found at Cabela’s along the way don’t hurt. Nor does the beef jerky at Held’s Meat Market in Slinger. Okay, now I want to road trip to Milwaukee. Anyway, we’re here to talk about the gyro at Waverly. 

Even though the dining room and bar at Waverly feel a bit dated and it took a little while for the waitress to notice we snuck in and had a seat, the wait was worth it. The gyro is pretty much “what you see is what you get.” It’s lamb/beef gyro meat combined with tomatoes and tzatziki sauce wrapped up in pita bread. While there was plenty of sauce on the gyro (I ended up scraping some off), it was a bit on the weaker side. It didn’t have that tangy zippy quality that tzatziki usually gives to a gyro, which may not necessarily be a bad thing depending on how you like your gyros. Even though it looks a little on the thin side the portion of gyro meat was good and the tomatoes were fresh. The available sides includes bar favorites such as chips, fries, coleslaw, etc. I, once again, opted for the ‘slaw. It wasn’t as good as the ‘slaw I had on Sunday at The Remedy in “T’wivers” but it was still decent.

Final verdict? I would order this gyro again.

Waverly Beach also has quite the view, although today it was foggy so there wasn’t much to see out on Lake Winnebago other than a lot of nothing. But, I bet Waverly is a great place to sit and have a bite to eat and watch a thunderstorm roll across the lake.

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Waverly Beach Gyro


Waverly Beach
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