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On Monday, I was thinking that THRIVE Lunch was in Appleton, being the address was on Wisconsin Avenue. Well, good thing I checked out because the restaurant was actually off of Wisconsin in downtown Neenah. Zazatecas drew quite an early crowd for lunch. Getting there at right around 11 (when the place opened), there were already a number of familiar faces inside the festively colored Mexican Tequila bar. I guess the place has a large patio, which some people decided to sit on to enjoy their lunch outside.

Who Walks By A Buffet And Doesn’t Notice It?

The service was excellent from the get go. As soon as I sat down, someone, actually, I think two people came over to ask what I would like to drink. They were very prompt as well, to bring to the table heaping bowls of chips and small bowls of salsa. I started looking through the menu and when people started to order the buffet, I was a bit confused. What buffet?! I am not one to miss a large arrangement of food, but I will admit, this time, I walked right past it and didn’t notice the buffet filled with Mexican dishes.

The buffet was filled with refried beans, a rice dish, tortillas, chicken, pork and all the necessary Mexican  toppings such as tomato, lettuce, cheese and guacamole. They also had small tortilla taco bowls, which were a nice substitution to the typical soft shell taco shell. As you can see, I opted for one of these bowls and loaded on the marinaded chicken, lettuce, tomato and guacamole. It was a satisfying meal along with the 1/2 pound of chips and salsa I ate during lunch.

Overall, a good meal, in a great location with great service. I will be back to Zazatecas!


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145 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Neenah, WI 54956 

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