Zacatecas [Lunch Buffet]

Zacatecas Lunch Buffet

I’m rarely accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer and today was no different. When I put today’s THRIVE Lunch on the calendar I entered it simply as 145 Wisconsin. If you live in the area you’ll know Wisconsin is one of the main thoroughfare here in the Appleton area. Well, we drove down the entire length of Wisconsin in Appleton before realizing that our destination was actually in Neenah.

Lots of Tortillas

Today’s THRIVE Lunch turnout was pretty good. There was probably 20′ish attendees that made it to Zacatecas for the 11:00 start. Not only was the turnout good, the buffet was good, too. Now, we’ve covered in the past that I’m not exactly a huge Mexican food fan. I’ll eat it, but it’s rarely if ever my first choice. But, today’s buffet was something I could get behind. There was a small selection of simply prepared dishes along with warm tortillas and taco shells. Pulled chicken, pulled pork, beef, sour cream, a chunky guacamole, pico de gallo, tomatoes, lettuce cheese, and a fair bit more were all available.

What you see on the plate below is a simple assembly of a warm tortilla with pulled chicken, tomatoes, and sour cream alongside a cinnamon sugared tortilla and a beef filled tortilla wrap thingy. Come to think of it, there were lots of tortillas. I think what I liked about this particular Mexican food experience is that I could pick and choose what I wanted with no surprises, no unexpected sauces, no re-fried beans, and perfectly predictable flavors. 

The second round featured a deep fried chicken-filled tortilla (like I said, lots of tortillas)  and another pile of the pulled chicken, which I thought was rather tasty. I also had a tiny sample of the pulled pork, which was also pretty good. Of course, there was also chips on the table along with two types of salsa, one quite spicy and the other very mild.

On a side note, Zacatecas is one of the states that make up Mexico, which in turn was named for one of the indigenous peoples of the region before the arrival of the Spanish (thanks, Wikipedia!).

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Zacatecas Lunch Buffet


145 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Neenah, WI 54956 

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