5th Quarter [BBQ Chicken Pizza]

5th Quarter BBQ Chicken Pizza

Is eating at 3:30′ish considered a late lunch or an early dinner? Either way, while knocking out some work at 5th Quarter in Little Chute, Food in the Fox decided to liven things up a bit with a pizza. The pizza of choice was the BBQ chicken pizza as seen below. Of course a 9″ wouldn’t quite do the trick, so we opted to go with a 12″. Needless to say, the 12″ pizza didn’t survive all that long once it hit the table. 

Don’t Upset the Pizza Etiquette Gods

I used to be violently opposed to thin pizza crust and still prefer thick crust. Seriously, just slice open a loaf of bread and dump the pizza toppings inside and I’m golden. However, I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of a thinner crust. I’ve learned that it’s possible to make a fairly low calorie pizza (daresay even a healthy pizza) at home using cracker-thin crust and select toppings. Buuuuuut… that’s definitely not what we’re talking about today. Today we got and ooey gooey oil baked combination of BBQ sauce, chicken, cheese, and more. My careful and scientific calculations put the calorie count at exactly 1,693.7 calories per bite, but the margin of error on those calculations may be somewhere around 99.4%.

The upside? It was good! For whatever reason, the 5th Quarter’s BBQ chicken pizza hit the spot. There may have been a little bit too much BBQ sauce on the pizza, but that didn’t stop the whole thing from disappearing into thin air after a few shakes of the parmesan cheese shaker. We David Copperfield’ed that thing like pros (I totally stole that line from M).  

On a side note, I was also reprimanded for picking the chicken off the last slice on the pan rather than just eating the entire piece, so I made amends with the all-powerful pizza etiquette gods and ate it.

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5th Quarter BBQ Chicken Pizza


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