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Thursday’s lunch choice was impromptu, to say the least. We ended up at Bao Ju in downtown Neenah after a quick decision to turn in the parking lot. It has been a while since Food in the Fox has reviewed a Chinese/Mandarin eating establishment, probably because typically these dishes are loaded with salt, which does not go well with high blood pressure. Anyways, all health concerns aside, this place was pretty decent.

Peking Duck Anyone?

The place is somewhat small and it really doesn’t look like a typical Chinese restaurant from the outside or inside. Sitting down, I noticed a few different sauce on the table, which looked interesting and I was eager to give them a shot. Looking through the menu, I noticed that the prices were a bit higher than typical Chinese places I have been to in the past, being $15 to $33 for a dinner option. But, some of the options were unique, such as the Peking Duck. Not every Chinese restaurant in Appleton features Peking Duck.  I am not up on my duck prices, so I cannot say whether or not these prices are reasonable.

Great Lunch Specials

I decided on the Hunan Chicken lunch special, which was sliced chicken breast with broccoli and water chestnuts in chef’s special hot garlic sauce. This also included soup, an egg roll, and vegetable fried rice for only $6.50. The egg drop soup was delicious and not overly hot. Sometime when I order soup it comes to the table close to boiling. This was not the case here. The Hunan Chicken was also pretty good, but it was a bit on the salty side. The broccoli was fresh and the vegetable fried rice was, well, rice. Oh, and the sauces on the table? One was a horseradish, spicy mustard and the other sweet and sour. Both good in their own ways. 

One other aspect I would like to highlight about this experience, was the service. It was phenomenal! They were over the top with the service. I would lift my water glass to take a drink and they were already on their way to fill it back up to the top. It was pretty incredible. Overall, I will be back to (maybe) try some duck. 


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Bao Ju Mandarin Gourmet
415 S Commercial Street
Neenah, WI 54956

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