Carmella’s Italian Bistro [Chicken Marsala]


When friends and family come to visit, I always feel like the pressure is on (a little bit). By that, I mean I have tried probably close to 100 restaurants in the Fox Valley, so I don’t want to disappoint them by taking them to an ‘egh’ kind of place. I have been to Carmella’s Italian Bistro a few other times and have never had a bad experience, so with family in town this weekend I decided to take them to the little Italian Bistro on the West side of Appleton (Grand Chute) near the Fox River Mall.

Free Bread, The Eighth Wonder of the World

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when we walked in the place and the host asked us if we’d prefer inside or outside seating. We decided to sit inside, but after taking a better look at the beautiful patio, I somewhat wish we would have opted for outside. Anyways, moments after sitting down water and bread were brought to the table as well as an olive oil and balsamic vinegar filled dish. Last time I was here, I was with a much more formal group so I was not able to ravage through the bread like I wanted to. Well, ravage I (we) did. We (three of us) managed to go through two loafs of the fresh bread before our dinners arrived. “NO CARB LEFT BEHIND” may have been the motto for the afternoon.

Chicken Marsala

For dinner, I decided on Marsala with chicken breast. It came cover in wild mushroom Marsala sauce, homemade mashed potatoes and green beans. Having been mashed potatoless for a while now, these potatoes hit the spot. They still had the peeling on them and they were a perfect pillow for the green beans and chicken to sit on top of. The Marsala sauce was a tad sweet and to my slight disappointment, only had a few small actual mushrooms in it. The chicken was very tender and the beans gave the rather soggy (but good) meal, a nice change in texture.  The dish was $14 and well worth it.

The Verdict?

One of my family members enjoyed the experience. The other, well he looked like he was having a difficult time tearing through the not so tender pork chop. Either way, I think it was a pretty successful restaurant pick. Service was great, as always and I am looking forward to enjoying the patio next time I dine there.


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Carmella’s Italian Bistro
716 N. Casaloma Drive
Appleton, WI 54913

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