Darboy Club [Chicken Dinner]

Darboy Club Chicken Dinner

Food in the Fox has traveled past the Darboy Club roughly a 1,000 times. However, we don’t get to many “after 4:00″ supper clubs due to our schedule, so we have never thought to stop by the Darboy Club until tonight. After a fine Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce Business Connection at the Radisson downtown, we were looking for some dinner. Yes, this is despite the fact that the Radisson put out a very nice spread for the Chamber event (fruit, desserts, fajitas, and more).

A Very Average Dinner at a Very Good Price

It came down to three choices: Nakashima in Appleton, Black Otter in Hortonville, and Darboy Club in Darboy.  Darboy Club ended up winning out because it was close, it has been on “the list” forever, and we have had little excuse to keep bypassing this place. Plus it was Wednesday, which mean all you can eat chicken for $8.50. Not only was there all you can eat broasted chicken, but the dinner also came with cranberry sauce, coleslaw, two dinner rolls, a choice of potato, stuffing, and gravy. 

I guess I’ll take this litany of food one by one. Starting off, everything came very quickly. Within a minute or two at most we made the transition from ordering to eating. The stuffing was slathered in gravy and while the taste was there, the consistency was a bit mushy. The baked potato came with a side of sour cream and was cooked well and just the right size. The broasted chicken was very good; not too dry, not too juicy. Dinner started off (and ended) with a breast, thigh, and drumstick. After the first round there was no room left to test the all you can eat promises. The cranberry sauce was canned, so pretty predictable. I wasn’t a huge fan of the coleslaw and didn’t eat more than a bite or two. It seemed a little too sweet and processed for my taste. The dinner rolls were average, at best. 

In summary,  I would have to say Darboy Club delivered a very average chicken dinner at a very good price with good service, so there’s not much to complain about. 

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Darboy Club Chicken Dinner


Darboy Club
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Appleton, WI 54915

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