Golden Basket [Breakfast Special]

Golden Basket Breakfast

Food in the Fox started off the morning at Kaukauna Coffee & Tea where we had a nice cup (or in the case of one of us, a bucket) of coffee. We were in Kaukauna for THRIVE Coffee, the Appleton area’s Tuesday morning networking group. After coffee, we decided to try something new for breakfast. That something new turned out to be Golden Basket on Richmond located between Wisconsin and Northland. Overall, it was a nice little breakfast on a sunny Tuesday morning. 

Egg. Egg. Toast. American Fries.

So, yeah. More eggs. But these eggs only cost me a whopping $3.51. In addition to the eggs, there was also a pile of American fries along with buttered rye toast with jam and pretty good service. As mentioned, the Golden Basket has been on our “Eat Here” list for quite some time but tended to get overlooked because there are just so many good family style restaurants in the Fox Valley.

Here’s the rundown. The eggs were cooked over easy and turned out great. I’ve mentioned in the past one of my egg-related pet peeves is “over easy” eggs where the white stuff is runny or the yolks end up half hard-boiled. Yes, I know. First world problems. Anyway, ordering American fries is always fun because I’m not always certain what I’m going to get. Yes, I know. I have a very low “fun” threshold. At Golden Basket, the American fries are not cubed up potatoes, but rather come as roughly hewn hashbrowns of sorts. The rye toast also threw me for a loop. Yes, I know. I have a blah blah blah. But seriously, the rye toast was … all rye? There was none of that marbling action I have come to know and love from my family style restaurant rye toast. Instead, this rye toast was all brown. Interestingly enough (ok, maybe not that interesting), the other plate of toast on the table was wheat, and it didn’t look like wheat and I was informed that it didn’t really taste all that much like wheat. 

Man, I’m really running out of stuff to write about eggs.

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Golden Basket Breakfast

Golden Basket Breakfast


Golden Basket
1932 N Richmond Street
Appleton, WI 54911

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