Sai Ram Indian Cuisine [Chicken Vindaloo & Palak Paneer]

Sai Ram Lunch

It was something new for Food in the Fox today. While wandering up Northland a snap decision was made to swing into Sai Ram for lunch. Our snap decisions have been working out pretty well lately, and today that trend continued. Not only that, this is my first official foray into authentic Indian food. I had to admit, when the server brought out the meal I was a shade skeptical. The presentation was a large stainless steel platter with two small stainless steel dishes filled with a mysterious green substance and an almost as mysterious orange substance. On the side was the rice. Fortunately, all went better than expected. 

Palak Paneer (Green) n’ Chicken Vindaloo (Orange)

I didn’t spend much time with the menu and instead concentrated on the lunch selection and enjoying the relaxing surroundings. The lunch menu at Sai Ram lets you combine two small serving entrees with a slightly sweet basmati rice and lentil soup for $9.50. For 75 cents you can trade in your basmati rice for brown. Lunch options include tandoori chicken, chicken curry, beef vindaloo, vegetable masala, and a couple of other selections. I opted for the chicken vindaloo and the palak paneer. 

Firstly, the green stuff you see in the picture below is the palak paneer. This is spinach and homemade cottage cheese cooked in spices, onions, ginger, garlic, and cream. In this instance, when you think “cottage cheese” don’t think of the typical grocery store stuff. This cottage cheese was more the consistency and shape of firm tofu, but with the flavor of cottage cheese. There were only two or three pieces of the cheese in the soup-like dish and the taste wasn’t really my thing. 

Secondly, the orange stuff in the other pic is the chicken vindaloo, which I enjoyed a great deal more than the palak paneer. It doesn’t really look like it, but there were a few good-sized chunks of chicken hiding in the sauce. Straight from Sai Ram’s menu, chicken vindaloo is an “extra spiced curry dish from the region of Goa. Cooked with potatoes, coconut, poppy seeds, and yogurt in a tangy spiced sauce.” The menu said extra spicy and while I could definitely feel it, it wasn’t overpowering in the slightest

The remaining picture is of the lentil soup, which had a bit of kick to it.

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Sai Ram Lentil Soup

Sai Ram Palak Paneer

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Sai Ram Indian Cuisine
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