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Having had Indian food before and not being very fond of it, I was skeptical to say the least when we decided to check out Sai Ram Indian Cuisine at 253 W. Northland Avenue in Appleton earlier this week. I think my fear of Indian food stems from a batch of very potent curry back in the day and until this week, I have not been able to jump back on the Indian food bus.

I Couldn’t Pronounce The Menu Items, But Other Than That, It Rocked!

Well, to ruin the suspense, this place rocked! From the moment I sat down until I got up, I was pleasantly impressed with not only the service and atmosphere, but the food as well. Alright, let’s rewind. Getting there around lunchtime, the place was pretty quiet, maybe a table or two in the place. The host decided to seat Food in the Fox right across from the wine bar, which was small and elegant. The menu was interesting. I didn’t know how to pronounce most of it and I really didn’t know what to expect by ordering anything on the menu. The waitress mentioned that the lunch specials were towards the back. Good deal. I wasn’t about to spend$25 on something I didn’t like.

Tandoori Chicken & Masala

I decided on the lunch special which included 2 entrees, served with Sambar (lentil soup prepared with fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, family recipe) and rice. For entrees I went with Tandoori Chicken (chicken leg and thigh pieces are marinated overnight in yogurt with herbs and spices and cooked on skewers) and Vegetarian Masala (mixed vegetables cooked with spices, fresh tomatoes, onions, and cream in a chefs special sauce). The soup was good and unlike any soup I have ever had. It was filled with spices, robust and delicious. The presentation of the entrees was pretty unique. It was served on a large platter with the two entrees in smaller bowls on the platter. There wasn’t a ton of chicken on the legs but what was there was not spicy, but flavorful! The Masala was a yellow dish that had the consistency of thick soup. It was also very good. The fresh vegetables were cooked nicely and the yellow sauce was flavored with many kinds of spices.Even the rice here was a bit different than normal rice. It had a hint of sweetness to it, as if cinnamon and sugar were added, maybe?

Overall, two thumbs way up for this place. It was truly nice to go out on a limb and try something different. I will be back to try out more of their traditional Indian dishes, soon!


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Sai Ram Lentil Soup




Sai Ram Indian Cuisine
253 W. Northland Avenue
Appleton, WI 54911

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