Sammy’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant [Shrimp & Avocado Salad]

Sammy's Pizza & Restaurant Salad

The Green Bay area has been very good to Food in the Fox. So far we are running a 100% success rate with our dining choices up there and are dreading the day we have a not-so-good experience. Fortunately, today was not that day thanks to a sign in front of Sammy’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant that said “Shrimp and Avocado Salad.” Sammy’s is located almost across the street from Lambeau Field on Oneida. 

Good Bruschetta, Mushy Avocado, and a Big Salad

It has become something of a tradition that if bruschetta of any type appears on the menu, it must be ordered. While this tradition hasn’t always paid off, for the most part it has served us well.  Today, that tradition definitely fit into the latter category. It was every bit as good as the photo below suggests. The bruschetta was a typically simple affair consisting of tomato, oregano, mozzarella, and balsamic over toasted  baguette (the actual name for toasted baguette slices totally escapes me right now). While I prefer bruschetta with feta cheese, the mozzarella was certainly good. 

The salad, which came with a side of honey mustard dressing and a breadstick, tasted almost as good as it looked. The presentation was really nice with everything arranged in a particular order rather than tossed together haphazardly. This attention to detail and presentation helps make the experience a bit more memorable than the other 85,000 salads I have had over the past few months. The shrimp were huge  and tasty. Speaking of, the salad itself was disturbingly large and I was not able to finish the whole thing. Of course, I picked out all of the good stuff and left the lettuce behind. Priorities. Overall, it reminded me of the salad I had at Rico’s up in Freedom, which was outstanding.

If I had to dish up one soft spot in the experience it would be that the avocado was a bit overripe and mushy. The other soft spot might have been the price, but I’m on the fence with that one. For $32.45 (including tip), we got tasty bruschetta, two huge salads, breadsticks, dressing, very friendly service, and a clean comfortable restaurant.

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Sammy's Pizza & Restaurant Salad

Sammy's Pizza & Restaurant Bruschetta

Sammy's Pizza & Restaurant Breadstick


Sammy’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant 
2161 S. Oneida Street
Green Bay, WI 54304

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