Spats [Deli Turkey Sandwich]

Spats Deli Turkey Sandwich

It was another trip to Spats for lunch the other day. The last time Food in the Fox visited “The Tav On The Ave” we had a great experience and this time wasn’t a whole lot different. Rather than going with the Turkey Cranberry Wrap again (which was pretty darned good), I went with a simple Deli Turkey Sandwich. 

Everything is Better With Spats Sauce

As you can see, Spats’ Deli Turkey Sandwich is a pretty straightforward affair. It’s a nice high stack of cold cut deli turkey with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on whole wheat bread for $7.49. While standard pub sides were available (chips, fries, etc.) I, once again, decided to go with a healthier alternative and get the steamed broccoli. I also requested the mayo on the side (say hello again to my old friend the lower calorie, lower salt bandwagon). A pickle spear was also included in the mix.

My one and only complaint is that the wheat bread used for the deli sandwich was very dry and fell apart easily. I ate most of the sandwich with a knife and fork, which wasn’t all bad considering it made dipping bite sized sandwiches pieces into the Spats Saucer that much easier. Speaking of, Spats Sauce is a mild horseradish sauce that adds a ton of flavor to just about anything. It was particularly good on the broccoli.

Service was outstanding and fun, just as it was during our first visit. 

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Spats Deli Turkey Sandwich


Spats Restaurant
733 W College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914

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