Holidays Pub & Grill [Chicken Torta]

Holidays Pub & Grill

It was 70 degrees and sunny this morning when we pulled into Holidays for lunch so the natural choice was to sit on the rooftop patio. I have been to Holidays just once in the past and had Stuc’s Pizza in the Chicago Bears room (yes, they have a BEARS room and not a PACKERS room), but this is my first time on the patio and ordering off the Holidays menu.

Torta Does Not Mean Turtle

For some reason I thought that the world “torta” meant “turtle” or “tortoise” but I’m not exactly known for my vocabulary skills. Pav-ih-lon. <– Inside joke. Anywho, it turns out torta is a spanish word that has a “wide array of culinary meanings” according to Wikipedia, and refers mainly to the round and somewhat flat bread used to make the sandwich (one might say the bread is shaped like a … oh, I don’t know, a turtle). And here I was hoping for a turtle sandwich. Okay, not really. That sounds somewhat unappetizing.

Kettle Chips n’ Chicken Sandwiches

There were a few things on the menu that looked enticing, but I decided to stay firmly within my comfort zone and went with the chicken torta. Available sides included fries and kettle chips, and I obviously opted for the kettle chips, which were pretty awesome. They weren’t deep fried into oblivion nor were they soggy. Straight from the Holidays menu, the chicken torta is “cubed grilled chicken, blended with roasted peppers & onions, melted pepperjack cheese, tomato, and chipotle mayonnaise. $8.99.” Unfortunately, the pepperjack shipment had not arrived that morning, so I opted for a cheeseless torta in some sort of misguided attempt at reducing the impressive calorie count associated with my turtle-shaped lunch.

The service was just fine, the wait time was perfectly acceptable, and the sun was shining. All in all it was a great little lunch on the patio. On a side note, I was sorely tempted to try a Lakefront Brewery beer, as they had the Milwaukee-based brewery’s sign in the window. Sadly, I stuck with my usual water. 

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Holidays Pub & Grill Chicken Torta

Holidays Pub & Grill


Holidays Pub & Grill
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Neenah, WI 54956

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