Josef’s Gyros [Chicken Gyro]

Josef's Gyros Chicken Gyro

Josef’s Gyros (also known as Gyros Kabobs) has bounced around downtown a bit but is now located back on Soliders Square. The easiest way to describe Soldiers Square is that it’s the alley that runs behind the block Cena Restaurant is on between Oneida Street and Morrison Street. So, all that said, you know you have to have something good going on if your restaurant can operate out of a tiny shop located in an alley that has a rather majestic view of nothing other than a parking ramp. 

Pull Up Some Curb and Enjoy

If you have not been to Josef’s the first thing you are going to notice is that the place is tiny. If you arrive around lunchtime don’t plan on sitting unless you would like to pull up a nice little piece of curb. There are two small tables inside (enough room for 3 or so diners) and a couple of tables outside on the sidewalk. Fortunately, we arrived a bit before lunch so we were able to snag an outdoor table on a gorgeous summer day. 

I’m sort of a gyro fan. I can’t say I’m any sort of connoisseur, but I very much enjoy the simplicity of a stack of chicken or traditional gyro meat piled on pita bread along with lettuce, onion, tomato, and in this case, a smidge of cilantro. Josef’s Gyros offers up its gyros in small and large sizes. I ordered the small and what arrived is what I would consider a rather generous gyro. Although you can’t see ‘em in the photo below, there is a bit of tomato and onion hidden under the stack of chicken. Speaking of, there were only two minor quibbles about yesterdays’ lunch. The chicken was  rather dry, which not all that unusual for a chicken gyro especially when compared to a lamb/beef gyro. The second is that it took a bit longer than expected to get our order out to the table. 

Naturally, the gyro was served with tzatziki sauce. 

Final Verdict

Josef’s chicken gyro was larger but similar to the chicken gyros served at Taste of the Windy City and much different than the chicken gyros served down at B52 in Menominee Falls. At B52, you get chunked up chicken breast rather than meat cut off the spindle. In short, this little back alley shop is now my fav chicken gyro around.

The final cost came to roughly $8.50 including a bottled water.

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Josef's Gyros Chicken Gyro


Josef’s Gyros (Gyros Kabobs)
118 Soldiers Square
Appleton, WI 54911

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