OB’s Brau Haus (Formerly Old Bavarian) [Czechoslovakian Goulash]

OB's Brau Haus

OB’s Brau Haus (formerly Old Bavarian) opened special for THRIVE Lunch today. The food and service was outstanding, so it’s unfortunate that we only managed to draw about 11 participants. Those who decided to stay home or at the office definitely missed out. OB’s Brau Haus has kind of a multi-purpose theme going on. They are doing the German cuisine thing, but are also mixing in a gastro brewpub with a healthy side of nightlife.

Czechoslovakian Goulash

If you are a regular Food in the Fox reader, you may have noted I complain incessantly about the lack of diversity in my diet. It’s either chicken. Or salad. Or salad with chicken. Or a chicken sandwich. Let’s just say there’s a lot of chicken. In fact, I just ate a hot dog made out of chicken like 5 minutes ago. Well, I’ve ordered beef roughly three times in the past few weeks so I guess I can stop complaining (as much). I had sirloin shish kabobs in Sheboygan the other day, a burger (or two) at the Appleton Jaycees Fireworks on the 3rd, and today I had Czechoslovakian Goulash at OB’s Brau Haus. 

So, what is Czechoslovakian Goulash? Good question, because I had no idea until our waitress explained it. Turns out, Czechoslovakian Goulash is pork and beef stew with sauerkraut in a paprika sauce served over spaetzel. Spaetzel (or spätzle or any number of other various spellings) is basically egg noodles in miniature dumpling form. The price came in at $9.00 for the small plate, which wasn’t all that small. There was a pretty generous portion of the spaetzel and nice big chunks of surprisingly lean meat. For the most part, the dish tasted a lot like a peppered quality prime rib over pasta. 

Also served were hot breadsticks, which are pretty awesome. Even a fellow THRIVE’r trying out a ‘no carb’ diet couldn’t resist the lure of a basket full of hot breadsticks. 

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OB's Brau Haus


OB’s Brau Haus (Formerly Old Bavarian)
523 W. College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54911

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