OB’s Brau Haus (Formerly Old Bavarian) [Quinoa Salad]


This week, THRIVE lunch was downtown Appleton at a restaurant Food In The Fox has never tried, or really heard of for that matter, OB’s Brau Haus (formerly Old Bavarian). This place is easy to drive by and not notice because it is sandwiched in between many other shops and restaurants on the south side of College Avenue, kiddy corner from the Performing Arts Center. They usually are not open on Mondays for lunch, but they opened especially for THRIVE lunch, which was a very nice gesture. 

Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

The place was somewhat sectioned off. There was a dining room with a lounge in the back and then a full bar on the other side of the dining room. It was a very accommodating kind of place, depending on what you came to do, eat, drink or play pool in the lounge area. When I think of German food, the only thing that really comes to mind is sausage and beer, but luckily there were other items on the menu that looked a little lighter than brats and sauerkraut.

Bavarian Dinners & Vegetarian Specials

One thing that I noticed that looked good was the Scnitzel (choice of classic pork or chicken cutlet, crispy golden panfriend) Oscar, which was white asparagus, ham, onion in a mushroom cream sauce. But after another THRIVE suggested the Quinoa Salad, I was sold. This was quinoa with fire roasted bell peppers, corn, carrots and green beans. It was not like a traditional salad, it was more like something you would find next to the broccoli salad in the deli. It was warm and flavorful and a bit heavy for a salad. Oh and there was also hot, fresh bread sticks that were not around long enough for me to get a picture of. 

Overall, a great German experience with superb staff and food. Check it out!


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OB’s Brau Haus (Formerly Old Bavarian)
523 W. College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54911

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