Sam Brulos [Chicken Enchilada Soup]

Sam Brulos Chicken Enchilada Soup

Sam Brulos has  been open for two whole weeks at the former O’Charley’s location on College Ave. near the 41/College exit. Sam Brulos has a little bit of everything, which ensured it was going to be a good turnout for Monday’s THRIVE Lunch. We had roughly 20 show up, give or take, including a few new faces.

Ran Out of Chips, Didn’t Ask For More

I wasn’t overly hungry today when lunchtime rolled around and since I’m too fat anyway, I tried to play it safe and order just a bowl of soup. Besides, I had already gorged myself on salty chips and salsa. There were a couple of soup choices today in addition to chili, but I can’t remember what the other one was. Guess I should take notes from now on. Anyway, as you can maybe guess, I ordered the chicken enchilada soup. Getting kind of tired of chicken. Sorta. Not really. We’ll see what I order next time… chicken, I’m sure.

For my $5.95 I was expecting a rather small bowl of soup but what I got was fairly impressive as far as quantity was concerned. Quality was also there because the soup tasted pretty darn good. I was actually a little dismayed when I ran out of chips with which to scoop up the soup. However, I’m so socially inept that I didn’t ask anybody to pass me the chips that sat just out of reach farther down the table. Awesome, eh? Anyway, that aside, I thought the soup was pretty good. It had some chunks of actual chicken in it (not just chicken stock) and was fairly well loaded with beans and even had a bit ‘o cheese in the middle. All-in-all, not half bad. I’ll probably give Sam Brulos another go and order a full meal. All of the salads that my fellow THRIVER’s ordered looked great.

I Miss O’Charley’s

As decent as Sam Brulos was, I kind of miss O’Charley’s. It was one of my Ex’s favorite places to eat so I visited O’Charley’s on a very regular basis over the past few years. Their bread and sandwiches were to die for. So much so that I actually wrote a Food in the Fox post that talked about the tray liner full of bread quotes that came with these soft, warm, buttery delights. Oh well. The “official” explanation is that O’Charley’s was “underperforming,” but since the place was always full that’s not likely. The inside scoop is a little different, but we won’t be divulging too many secrets here on Food in the Fox. 


Sam Brulos Chicken Enchilada Soup


Sam Brulos
3775 W. College Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914

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  1. Mary Johnson says:

    I went to Sam Brulos last month and simply loved it! Wonderful margaritas,..the food was great–couldn’t wait to go there again. Just came back from lunch there–the margaritas were DOUBLE the price I had paid before ( really–for $8.00 a drink–I expect something a bit larger) The entrees were very good–but when I asked for chips and salsa, seeing as we were both ordering Mexican food, and last time I was told that that included chips and salsa, the waitress told me that they were running low on chips ( really?) but they were still available for $3.95–last time they were included. Very disappointed.

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