Sam Brulos [Club Wrap]


The newly opened SamBrulos on the west side of Appleton was the THRIVE Lunch destination on Monday. It is located in the old O’Charley’s Restaurant (which I unfortunately never was able to try before the doors closed) located at 3775 West College Avenue, right in between Kwik Trip and the bike shop. I have been eagerly waiting for this place to open and I was excited to give the American-Italian-Mexican place a shot. 


They did a wonderful job preparing for the large group of people who usually show up for THRIVE lunch. There were glasses filled with ice, carafes of water, chips and salsa set out on the table setup for the group. They also had menus on the table that were filled with probably close to 100 items. It is not often that ravioli, enchiladas, burgers and pizza are all on the same menu. That was exactly the case here. They had a large selection of Mexican, American, and Italian food, which is nice because it could be a one stop shop for a large group of people all looking for a different type of food. 

Wrapless For Nearly an Hour

I was feeling a bit American and ordered the club wrap (a spinach wrap with smoked turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo) with fries at the same time as a few other people placed their orders. Well, after everyone else around me received their food and were wrapping up their meals, I was still without wrapless. I was getting a bit frustrated and asked the waitress where the wrap was and she reassured me it would be out shortly. After about 45 minutes of waiting, the wrap showed up and the waitress apologized because she forgot to put my order in. “Great!,” I thought (sarcasm). 

Will I be Back?

The wrap was very hot and juicy. I was expecting a cold wrap, but either way, I dug in. It was okay. The soggy lettuce did not add to the experience. It was almost as if the plate sat under a heat lamp for a bit too long. On a positive note, it did come with a pickle spear. My first experience at Sam Brulos, was not a great one. I understand mistakes happen, but they could have at done a bit more than a single ‘I’m sorry’. Hard to tell if I will go back. 




Sam Brulos
3775 W. College Ave
Appleton, WI 54914

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