Zuppas [Curried Chicken Salad Wrap & Lobster Bisque]

Zuppas in Neenah

A few weeks ago, I paid roughly $8.00 for two coffees and a bagel at Zuppas. This set my mind into “too expensive” mode so every time Zuppas came up as a lunch destination I shot it down. However, we happened to be in the area and I begrudgingly agreed that we could head to Zuppas for lunch. I mean, I had seen the food on more than one occasion and it always looked great, so I figured what the heck.

Something Yellow, Something New, for $8.00

I really didn’t see anything on the menu that jumped out at me as “I need that for lunch” so I opted to go with the combo, which allowed me to pick any two of the following three selections: any half sandwich or half wrap, a cup of soup, or a salad. The combo also came with homemade potato chips and a pickle spear.

Since I was feeling somewhat brave that morning, I went with the curried chicken salad wrap and lobster bisque. The curried chicken salad wrap was filled with a rather unappetizing  looking yellow chicken salad. Fortunately, the shredded and curried chicken tasted way better than it looked. The flavor was unique (kind of sweet) and solid enough to hold up when dipped into the lobster bisque. Speaking of, the lobster bisque may have been the highlight of the meal. It wasn’t the hearty seafood chowder offered up at Little Chicago, but it had a nice lobstery flavor to it and worked great for dipping the chips.

Total price was around $7.95 before tax, title, and license and I left more-or-less satisfied with my choice. Turns out, if you watch what you get, Zuppas is no more pricey than any other good lunchtime destination. I doubt Zuppas will become one of my regular stops, but it is definitely worth a shot if you are in Neenah and looking for something a little different and higher-end for lunch.

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Zuppas in Neenah


1540 S. Commercial Street 
Neenah, WI 54956

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