Zuppas [Thai Chicken Salad]


So here’s the story about Zuppas. Food In the Fox has been here before. Last time, we ordered two coffees and a bagel and it came to right around $8, which was a bit more than most places would charge for a couple of coffees and a bagel. The bagel and coffee were good, but nothing extraordinary. Since then, we have avoided Zuppas because it seemed a bit over priced. Well, we were in the area and decided to give it another shot. 

Cafeteria Style

Walking up to the cafeteria style counter, I passed refrigerator with soups and other dishes for sale. There was a pan of lasagna for $35, which seemed a bit steep for the pasta dish, but it could have easily served 15 people. Proceeding to the counter, I looked through the menu, which included sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salads, soups and other miscellaneous items. The people in front of me each ordered small cups of homemade macaroni and cheese. It made my mouth water.

Thai Chicken Salad W/Awesome Curry Vinaigrette

I went with something a bit lighter, a Thai Chicken Salad. This was grilled chicken with mandarin oranges, crunchy noodles, almonds, coconut and pineapple on greens with a curry vinaigrette. I was a bit skeptical of the curry vinaigrette at first, but it was AWESOME! The whole salad had a great combination of flavors that easily beat out many other salads I have had recently. Even the coconut (which I am not a huge fan of) added great texture and flavor to the dish. The pineapple was sweet and even though the chicken was cold, it was juicy and not overly seasoned or salty. 

Round two at Zuppas was much better than the first round. The salad rang in at $9.75, but it was worth it. This may not be a place to eat at everyday, but to enjoy on occasion. Oh, and for you wino’s out there, Zuppas also serves wine :). 


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1540 S. Commercial Street 
Neenah, WI 54956

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