Cheyenne’s Sports Bar [Salmon Sandwich]


I have been passed Cheyenne’s Sport’s Bar & Grill numerous times and have never thought about actually trying it out for lunch or dinner. Well, lunch on Monday was at Cheyenne’s Sports Bar & Grill downtown Appleton  (between College Avenue and the Appleton Public Library) and here is how that played out.

Salmon, Why Not?

The place was empty at around 11:30 when Food in the Fox walked in and sat down at one of the many wooden tables. The place had a definite smell and had beer signs hanging all around the establishment. There were also arcade games, which reminded me of the games that were on my first cell phone, circa 2003. Anyways, shortly after sitting down, the waitress greeted us and grabbed a drink order. Looking through the menu, I noticed a salmon sandwich, for only $6.95. I thought that was a steal of a deal, because salmon is usually a bit pricey. The exact description from the website is grilled salmon with lettuce, tomato with zesty cucumber horseradish sauce on a grilled bun. I decided to give it a shot, along with a side of peaches.

Something Salmonish

Here my friends, is where the lesson of the day come into play… never trust cheap salmon. When the waitress brought out the food, I inspected it and it was not a fillet of salmon, but a salmon patty type thing. It was a bit rubbery and the black ‘grill’ marks on it looked like they were drawn on with a magic marker. It tasted  just as rubbery as it looked and the salmon flavor, what salmon flavor there was, probably came from a salmon extract type of concoction. The sauce and bun were alright, but when looking forward to a nice piece of salmon, a salmon patty just doesn’t do the trick. The peaches were, eatable. 

Lesson of the day. Never trust cheap salmon. 

- M

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Cheyenne’s Sports Bar & Grill
124 N. Appleton Street
Appleton, WI 54911

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