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Green Bay has been pretty darn good to Food in the Fox. We’ve never been mislead by any of the recommendations given to us by our neighbors up by the bay. In fact, our list of Green Bay eateries we need to visit has been growing. As it turned out, all of the places that sounded tasty today (Chives, Hinterland, etc.) happened to be the same ones that don’t open until 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon or are closed on Monday. So, in light of that, we drove around randomly until we stumbled across Fox Harbor Pub and Grill on Washington Street. 

Another Great Green Bay Destination

For starters, we both loved the atmosphere inside Fox Harbor. The place has a ton of space, high ceilings, and a very simple but elegant presentation that is a nice change of pace from all the sports bars and pubs with the wacky junk cluttering the walls. And even though we were there for lunch, the bar out on the patio looked awful tempting on a nice breezy Monday morning. 

As I browsed the menu, I kind of had my heart set on the prime rib wrap. I rarely order beef these days and it would have made a nice change of pace. That lasted until I flipped to the next page of the menu and spied the berry turkey sandwich. Turkey is on my “stranded on a desert island with only 3 things to eat list” so it’s tough not to go for the turkey, especially when it has a twist (e.g. berry). This sandwich was a simple combo of smoked turkey, lettuce, Swiss cheese, and red onions served on wheat berry bread with a sweet berry sauce. The berry sauce was minimal and mild, so it didn’t overpower the rest of the flavors by any means, which was nice. The slabs of mild Swiss cheese were thick, the turkey was piled generously, and the bread was pretty much awesome. 

Available sides included fries, a side salad, or tortilla chips and salsa. I opted for the chips and salsa, which were pretty good. The salsa served up was very finely chopped and had quite a bit of kick to it. I’m sure on the hotness scale many would rate it quite low, but for my particular tastes it was a little over the top. 

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Fox Harbor Pub & Grill
348 S Washington Street 
Green Bay, WI 54301

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