Fox Harbor [Chicken Taco Salad]


Well, I think the quote of the day, goes as follows, “Green Bay’s restaurants are just about as good as its football team.” Yup, that’s right. Since the beginning of Food In The Fox, which started about 9 months ago, we have never had a bad meal in Titletown and today was no different. The original destination was Chive, in Suamico, but turns out they are not open on Mondays. So, after wandering around downtown Green Bay for a bit, we stumbled upon Fox Harbor Pub & Grill and decided to give it a go.

Old, Classic Building

The old, classic building is located just off the east side of the Fox River that runs through the heart of Green Bay. It is very open and reminded me of a kind of bar that would have been in the wild, wild west, back when the west was wild. The floors looked like they were the original wood floors and there was a neat water fountain type picture at the entrance. There was also a patio that looked nice, but it was a bit breeze so inside seats it was. Not 2 minutes after sitting down, the waitress was over getting a drink order and letting us know the specials. Oh and FYI, Monday’s drink special is skinny beer AKA Miller 64, Bud 55, and Ultra.¬†

Campfire & (Great) Bar Food

While looking at their website, I noticed that they also have a fire ring outside on the patio. AWESOME! Why don’t more places have patio’s like this? This fact alone will get be to come back to have a cold one on the patio. Anyways, on to the food. I went with a chicken taco salad, which included all of the typical taco fixings, including salsa. The salsa was hot and very finely chopped. And a bit spicy, but it was a really good addition to the salad. Also, I ordered a side of ranch dressing, when was creamy and helped cool my mouth down from the salsa. The crunched up tortillas on the salad added some good texture. Overall, it was a damn good salad for $8.49.

So, here is the big question, who wants to join me for a happy hour on the patio here before summer is over?




Fox Harbor Pub & Grill
348 S Washington Street 
Green Bay, WI 54301

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