Julie’s Cafe & Catering [Salmon Salad]

Julie's Cafe in Green Bay

The general Green Bay area has been very good to Food in the Fox. Until today. Slightly starving after an early morning THRIVE Coffee Green Bay that took place at Jitter Bean, we set out to find a place that we could write about for our little food blog here. Oh boy… did we find one.

Well… The Salmon Was OK.

After being seated our waitress appeared quickly with water and menus and overall the service itself was nothing at all to complain about; it was quick and friendly. The menu was a multi-page affair that was packed with a vast array of offerings that ranged from inexpensive breakfast specials to full-on dinners. After a few minutes of deliberation I decided I was feeling brave and opted for the salmon salad.

The salmon salad was a simple affair of lettuce and finely grated cheese with a bit of carrot and cabbage thrown in for color. The standard dressing was a mixture of horseradish and cucumber. A deep fried and salty breadstick came as a side. Honestly, what I ordered wasn’t half-bad. The salmon was easily the best part of the meal (a bit salty), followed by the horseradish/cucumber sauce and the breadstick. The greens could have been a fair bit fresher.

The Issue(s)

The first thing to hit us when we walked into Julie’s Cafe on Main (there are two locations in Green Bay) was the rather unpleasant smell that had all the appeal of wet moldy carpet. The option of walking out was briefly discussed but we decided to solider on. In addition to the smell, the place was filthy top to bottom. I’m pretty sure the floors had not been vacuumed in a week or three and a customer near us actually had to ask for a rag to wipe down the table he was seated at. As an added bonus, everything felt ever-so-slightly sticky and I immediately regretted touching the underside of my chair to scoot closer to the table. Also, the men’s restroom was roughly on par with one I remember at an overpass truck stop located just outside of Gary, Indiana. 

Verdict? Um… not again, thanks.

- T

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Julie's Cafe in Green Bay


Julie’s Cafe & Catering
1685 Main Street
Green Bay, WI 54302

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