Julie’s Cafe & Catering [Smoked Chicken Salad]


After looking for a place to eat in Green Bay and after driving by numerous Subways and other franchise like establishments, we saw a sign for Julie’s Cafe & Catering. Without checking Urbanspoon or any other review site, we pulled in to the family style diner on the west side of Green Bay. Walking in, I noticed a particular smell. It wasn’t the most welcoming of smells, but we decided to power through and give the place a shot. Oh, we were also starving by that time. 

Not So Welcoming

After sitting down in the rather unclean booth, I noticed that the floors were ungodly dirty. The sight of the dirty carpet, mixed with the unpleasant smell and dirty booth, made me really question what the bathrooms would look like. Well, no surprise there. The bathrooms were utterly gross and two of the toilets were fully plugged. I won’t go further down that road. Anyways, the menu was filled with all kinds of rather inexpensive items and I decided to go with a salad, which seemed like it would be a rather okay pick for that type of establishment. 

Over Smoked & Over Cooked Chicken

Well, after the friendly waitress took our order, it was only a few minutes later before she came back with the ‘food’. My salad was in a large plastic bowl and came with a deep fried bread stick. The dressing on the side was a raspberry vinaigrette and I also asked for a side of ranch. After the first bit of smoked chicken, I was a bit perplexed. I was not sure if I have just taken a shot of liquid smoke or if I was actually eating a piece of chicken. Let’s just say the smoked chicken was way over smoked, salty and dry as a bone. Dipping it in salad dressing did little to hide the horrid flavor. The lettuce, green pepper, onion and mushroom and chicken were cover in hard mozzarella cheese, much of which I picked off.

Food In The Fox has never had a bad experience in Green Bay until today. I will never go back to Julie’s Cafe. Well, I may go back if I am ever craving over smoked chicken that left an ongoing taste of metal in my mouth. Oh, and two salads and water with tip, came in at right around $18. You have been warned. 


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Julie’s Cafe & Catering
1685 Main Street 
Green Bay, WI 54302

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  1. Tommytrc says:

    I have had a few good meals there. Actually breakfast type fare. Except for the fact the median age plummeted when I walked in the door and the smell of old people, the food was petty good.

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