Pullmans [Pecan Chicken Sandwich]

Pullmans Pecan Chicken Sandwiche

The entire family of restaurants that run under the same banner as Pullmans strike me as being quasi-elegant. What I mean by this is that it always seems like they should be better than they really are. The atmospheres are awesome and the service is pretty good, but the food always falls firmly into average territory. Today was no different. In fact, average might be an optimistic appraisal.

Pecan Crusting = Crushed Up Peanut Butter Cookie?

It came down between two sandwiches: the pecan chicken and the turkey bruschetta. Both sounded pretty good, but I had made shrimpschetta (yum!) at home the night before so I opted to go with the pecan chicken sandwich. This sandwich is advertised as a, ” tender grilled chicken breast lightly seasoned and coated with our signature pecan crusting [and] served on a fresh toasted Kaiser roll.” 

What I had imagined to be a pecan breaded chicken breast turned out to be something a little different. The pecan crusting was more like a loose pile of grainy stuff that tasted a lot like a crushed up peanut butter cookie. Not being a big fan of peanut butter, I ended up scraping most of the topping off. Otherwise, the chicken sandwich was okay, although there are dozens of others in the Fox Valley that would easily put this offering to shame. Available sides include fries, coleslaw, and fresh fruit. It’s always nice to see fresh fruit as a standard side. The fruit ended up being grapes, pineapple, and strawberries, all of which were fresh and flavorful. The sandwich also came with a side of honey mustard, which lent some much needed flavor to the sandwich. 

If it was just average food I could have walked away fairly satisfied. I mean, not every lunch has to be a mind-blowing culinary experience. However, there were other problems at hand today at Pullmans. For one, I was hoping to get a little work done but the wi-fi was not configured properly so there was no way to get any internet access. Perhaps more annoyingly, the one fly in the place (well, the one live fly… there were plenty of dead ones in the window), decided that I was the target du jour today. 

The verdict? For $15.38 (including tip) I managed to get incessantly harassed by a  fly, a chicken sandwich that could be outdone by 3/4 of the bars downtown, pretty decent service, no wi-fi access, and a rather tasty Stone Arch Scottish Ale. Can’t win ‘em all. 

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Pullmans Pecan Chicken Sandwiche

My Nemesis Poses for a Photo
Look at the smug look on his little fly face.

Pullmans Fly


Pullmans at Trolley Square
619 S. Olde Oneida Street
Appleton, WI 54915

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