The StoneYard Food & Spirits [Bruschetta]

The StoneYard Bruschetta

Food in the Fox was in that weird uncomfortable state of being that occurs when it’s a few hours after lunch yet still isn’t late enough for dinner. There was also one more meeting to attend to that day, which was keeping us hanging out in town bit longer than usual. Our solution? Find a place with wi-fi and something tasty to snack on. That place ended up being The StoneYard (read about their Authentic Gyro) in Darboy, right across the road from Pizza Ranch and right next door to one of our favorite spots, Jet Sushi

“Is that chocolate sauce?”

The StoneYard had bruschetta on the appetizer menu (along with several other tasty looking things) and a “hold us over ’til dinner” snack is exactly what we were looking for. If you are a regular Food in the Fox reader, you’ll know it’s a rare day when we see bruschetta on the menu and pass it up. Well, yesterday wasn’t a rare day. We saw bruschetta and went for it. 

The StoneYard’s bruschetta is rather traditional (tomato, cheese, crostini, olive oil, etc.). The only things that really set it apart from other offerings is that the crostini (“little toast”) is long and thin instead of round, which means it was easy to eat, and the balsamic that StoneYard (read about their Grilled Chicken Cobb) uses is super thick. I actually thought it was chocolate sauce when I first saw it on the plate. In fact, I was so set on the idea that the balsamic was chocolate sauce I could have sworn I tasted chocolate when I first bit into it. It, of course, was not chocolate, but now I’m ever so slightly curious what chocolate sauce would taste like on bruschetta. Curious and likely horrified should I ever find out.

Overall, it was pretty good stuff and I would definitely not hesitate to order it again. 

- T

 The StoneYard Bruschetta


The StoneYard Food & Spirits
N140 Eisenhower Drive
Darboy, WI 54915

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