Golden Basket Restaurant [Eggs & Gyro Meat]

Golden Basket Green Bay Breakfast

There are two Golden Basket restaurants in the greater Fox Valley area. One is here in Appleton on Richmond Street directly across from the Little Diner Xpress. The other is in Green Bay on Military Ave. When we were finished with breakfast this morning I asked whether the two locations were related. As it turns out, the Golden Basket in Appleton is the original and was founded by the owners of the Golden Basket in Green Bay. The Appleton location is leased to a chef that worked for the Golden Basket founders for many years. The Green Bay location is now operated by the son of those founders (his mom also helps out). Long story short, it can be very interesting to learn some of the history behind the eating establishments that we so often take for granted. 

Think of Gyro Meat as Really Thin Steaks

First off, the Green Bay Golden Basket is a rather grand affair from the outside. A large square stone tower greets customers as they pull into the driveway. The centrally placed tower is flanked by two smaller square towers that gives Golden Basket a unique appearance. It definitely doesn’t look like your average family diner. On the inside, the Golden basket is more typical and presents a nice, clean, and inviting family style experience. 

After taking in what the menu had to offer I finally settled on coffee and a simple two eggs with gyro meat combo. This combo was found under the “Steak & Eggs” section of the menu, so I suppose you can think of gyro meat slabs as really thin steaks. Bypassing the potatoes (hashed or American fries) shaved 25 cents off the $5.99 tab. It also came with a little container of tzatziki sauce, which I’m honestly starting to think about ordering on the side for just about everything. Toast was the typical offering so white, wheat, rye, raisin, and sourdough. The bread pictured was a dark and thick rye that ended up being a touch dry since I ordered sans butter. 

Service was very good and the staff friendly. The coffee was good and the waiter left a full carafe of it on the table for us, which is nice. The only thing that could have made this a better breakfast would have been gyro meat cut fresh from a spindle.

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Golden Basket Green Bay Breakfast

Golden Basket Green Bay Breakfast 


Golden Basket Restaurant
1350 S. Military Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54304

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