Golden Basket [Turkey Wrap & Chicken Soup]


Fall is in the air. It is by far my favorite season. What is not to love?! Football, fall colors, pumpkin flavored everything and the return of soups for lunch dinner and just about every meal in between. Lunch on Wednesday was in Green Bay at Golden Basket Restaurant, located on Military Road, just a few blocks north of Lambeau Field. 

Not Too Shabby of a Place

There is a Golden Basket Restaurant in Appleton as well, but the one in Green Bay is a little easier on the eyes, if you know what I mean. It is a very elaborate, newer building with a large parking lot (that happened to be close to full when we arrived at 9:30ish). It is located almost across the street from The Pancake Place, which Food In The Fox tried out last week, but didn’t blog about. It was great, by the way, and affordable. Moving on. The inside of Golden Basket was just as nice as the outside. It was very clean and the service was great. The menu was huge and so deciding on breakfast/lunch became somewhat of an ordeal.

Chicken Soup for The Soul

They had typical breakfast dishes, sandwiches, salads and desserts that sounded amazing. The soup of the day, chicken dumpling, caught my attention and I couldn’t get past it. So I decided on a turkey wrap with a bowl of chicken dumpling soup. The soup came out of the kitchen about 20 seconds after ordering it and it hit the spot on a cool fall day. Sometimes chicken dumpling soup can be deceiving in that there are only a few dumplings in the whole pot of soup.  My bowl of soup will filled with tasty dumplings that were not overly salty and the soup was not scorching hot. The wrap was fresh and filled with quite a bit of turkey, as the picture below highlights. It was overall  a very satisfying meal. The best part? It came in at $4.99.

Thank you Golden Basket. I will return.


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Golden Basket Restaurant
1350 S. Military Avenue
Green Bay, WI 54304

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