Little Diner Xpress [Chicken Club Sandwich]

Little Diner Xpress Grilled Chicken Club

We’ve driven past the Little Diner Xpress about a hundred times and we’ve also talked to people about the little square diner on Richmond Street. The general consensus was that the Little Diner Xpress was just kind of another place without too much special to set it apart other than its unusual 24-hour schedule. Well, the Food in the Fox team was pleasantly surprised.

Nothing to Complain About, Other Than Freezing

First surprise. The Little Diner Xpress had its air conditioning set to about 30 below zero. It. Was. Freezing! It warmed up a bit as time went on, but if you happen to be looking for a chilly place to hang out you might want to give the diner a try. But, that’s really the only thing we found lacking. 

The second surprise was how nice it was inside. The place is tiny (you sign your credit card receipts on top of the donut display case), but very tidy, clean, and laid out quite well given the square footage is outdone by your average Subway.

The third surprise was the quality of the food. We had heard from several people who have said the food was pretty average, but both of us rather enjoyed what we ordered. My cohort went for the Chicken Cobb Salad (which looked pretty darn good) and I decided on the Chicken Club. The Chicken Club was offered with either fries or coleslaw as a side, and I opted for coleslaw. You can also opt for either grilled or crispy chicken. I went for grilled thanks to the reduced calorie count. The ‘slaw was nothing to write home about, but the chicken sandwich was one of the better I’ve had in recent memory. The bread was great, the chicken well cooked (not too dry, not too moist), the bacon was good ‘n crispy, and really everything about it was much better than some other chicken sandwiches I’ve had recently. 

Crustacean Business

Oh, and there is also a fish tank complete with a resident crab type creature of some sort that goes about his (or her) crustacean-related business as you munch on your eats.  Any place with an aquarium is a definite +1 in my book. Something about them is quite relaxing. 

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Little Diner Xpress Grilled Chicken Club


Little Diner Xpress
1939 N. Richmond Street 
Appleton, WI 54911

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