Red Ox Supper Club [Seaside Melt]

The Red Ox Seafood Melt

THRIVE Lunch headed to the Red Ox Seafood and Steakhouse on Oneida Street this past Monday. We had a pretty good turnout; perhaps 15 or so showed up for the lunch. However, we were seated in a rather smallish private room that had the tables arranged in an awkward U-shape with chairs on both sides, which made conversing with the group as a whole somewhat of a challenge. That aside, everything at Red Ox was as expected.

Calorie Counters Need Not Apply

The previous time Food in the Fox visited Red Ox I opted for a stuffed potato that must have been about 2500 calories worth of potato and hollandaise sauce. Today’s adventure was the Seaside Melt (crab) sandwich, which was essentially some calories piled on top of some calories and garnished with a tomato slice. I’m going to use the term “sandwich” a little loosely here. It was in the gourmet sandwich section of the menu, but consisted of a couple of thick pieces of focaccia flat bread topped with a pile of Swiss cheese and homemade flaked crab salad. The menu noted that all of the Red Ox’s flaked crab did indeed contain some real crab. 

Was it tasty? Of course! It’s hard to go wrong with a flat bread, Swiss cheese, and crab combo. It was very rich thanks to the simple nature of the dish (basically just cheese and crab, for the most part). The “sandwich” was a bit on a pricey side at $12+ including tip, especially compared to the hearty salad ordered by M, and honestly didn’t leave me terribly satisfied. Flavor = great. Value = a touch below average. 

Today’s side was coleslaw, which came to the table along with everybody else’s appetizer salads. One of the nice things about Red Ox is the array of sides that are available on the sandwich menu. You can have your pick of tossed salad, soup, cottage cheese, potato pancakes, French fries, potato peels, garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato, vegetables, wild rice, coleslaw, or pasta. 

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The Red Ox Seafood Melt


Red Ox Supper Club
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