Red Ox Supper Club [Ragin' Chicken & Jalapeno Salad]


Food in the Fox has missed out on several THRIVE Lunch’s in the past few weeks, so today we made it a point to show up, enjoy the great company and have a delicious lunch. We have been to Red Ox before and it has never disappointed. I really had my eye on their baked potato selection, but decided against it, since that probably would not have been a good choice for the waistline (but as I am writing this post, I am eating chicken wings and nachos via the free snack bar for Happy Hour at Beefeaters). So much for the calories I saved eating a salad at lunch. 

Red Ox Greatness

Red Ox is located on the south side of Appleton, just north of Highway 441 on Oneida Street. This place is somewhat ‘supper clubby’ and has interesting decor. It is not the most modern, but it is warm and inviting. The menu is also somewhat unique in that there are menu items that you normally wouldn’t see on a menu at a supper club in northeastern Wisconsin. Here was a wild one: Jerk Pineapple Chicken & Shrimp which included Jumbo shrimp, chicken, sweet peppers & pineapple sauteed with potato Gnocchi. As tempting as this sounded, I went with the Ragin’ Chicken & Jalapeno Salad. 

Kick in the Mouth

This was a typical chicken salad, except for the spicy seasoning that was on the chicken and the helping of jalapenos. There was also a boat of jalapeno ranch dressing on the side and a piece of bread that was not deep fried, which was a pleasant surprise. Just plain white (maybe Italian) bread that was delicious. The price? It came in at right around $10. The service has always been fantastic and this place will get another visit or two from Food In The Fox in the future. 


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Red Ox Supper Club
2318 Oneida Street
Appleton, WI 54915

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