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Stone Arch Passport

Forgive us, we’re a little late on this one. A while back, Food in the Fox was taking a break at Stone Cellar when we noticed a sign promoting the Stone Arch Passport Club. Intrigued, we asked our waiter what the deal was and he came by with a couple of these little black passport books. The idea is great. You buy a passport ($5.00 per book at first then $2.00 per book as the deadline gets closer) and then you go around to local bars, pubs, and restaurants and get your passport stamped if you order any Stone Arch brew.

83 Local Destinations & Artifacts Awarded

Stone Arch PassportSome great beer isn’t the only thing you got out of this. The more passport stamps you collected, the better the “artifact” you could claim in the end. If you managed to get 15 stamps, you could claim a commemorative pint glass. Getting 25 destinations stamped netted you a 2013 passport club t-shirt. If you managed to round up 60 destinations, you received a 22 oz. bomber bottle of a special limited release brew and a handmade Stone Arch mug. Pretty sweet. 

Food in the Fox managed to snag a couple of glasses and one of the commemorative t-shirts. Not only were there “artifacts” to be claimed, but the books were also filled with some really good deals on beer/food combos. Osorio’s Latin Fusion was offering $1 off pints of Stone Arch. Spat’s was offering a Stone Arch with a burger and fries for $10. Visiting the 5th Quarter in Little Chute would net you a cheeseburger and a pint for $7.

There were a total of 83 destinations in the book, but at least a couple of them were out of business (e.g. Sergio’s and Bennigan’s) for the 2013 run. But, there were still many fantastic local places in the passport along with a few franchises. Everything started and ended at the Stone Cellar Brewpub on S. Olde Oneida Street. 

But here’s the kicker: The 2013 passport expired September 2nd! We’re sorry!

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 Stone Arch Passport

Starting Location:

Stone Cellar Brewpub
1004 S. Olde Oneida St.
 Appleton, WI 54915

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