West Wisconsin Diner [Ave.Omelet]

West Wisconsin Diner Avenue Omlet

Here’s a strange thing. Food in the Fox has eaten at the West Wisconsin Diner on more than one occasion but it seems we have negleted to write about it. Odd, no? Well, today happens to be the day, because we were scheduled to give blood at FVTC at 10:15 and it was just after 9:00 and neither of us had eaten breakfast (a no-no when giving blood).

Avenue Omelet Egg Wrap 

The creatively named West Wisconsin Diner is about as archtypical as it can get as far as diners are concerned. The only thing that could make it more diner’ish is if it was located near an Interstate off-ramp and had a waitress named Flo. Of course, I don’t know all the waitresses at West Wisconsin, so I suppose one of them could be name Flo. Anyway, breakfast it was. I opted for the Avenue Omelet, which consistent of three eggs, ham, green peppers, and onions topped with cheddar cheese. Side options included American fries, hashbrowns, or fruit. Toast was white, wheat, or rye. I opted for no cheese, fruit, and rye toast. The cheese and fruit were sacrifices to the calorie gods (they’ve been angry lately and needed appeasement),  but the rye toast was kind of a random selection. 

The folks at West Wisconsin Diner cook up the eggs so that they are almost tortilla thin and the “omelet” works more like a wrap than a traditional pile of eggs infused with fillings. Inside the egg wrap was a small amount of ham, a ton of onions, and some green peppers (as advertised). It would have been much tastier with cheese, but eh, pick your calorie battles wisely. The fruit was lacking. It felt and tasted a whole lot like fruit cocktail dumped straight out of a can. Maybe it is. The toast was toast, but I still miss marbled rye.

Service was spot on as usual.

Final verdict? We’ve never had a bad experience at West Wisconsin Diner and it’s one of our “go to” places on the West side of town along with New York Deli and …. Fuddruckers. Okay, I’ll admit it. We occasionally do hit up a franchise or two in our travels and Fuddruckers has good (and huge) salads.

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West Wisconsin Diner Avenue Omlet


West Wisconsin Diner
3011 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914

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