West Wisconsin Diner [Vegetable Omelet]


Eggs. But, what’s new? Not Food in the Fox’s breakfast choices, that’s for sure. Before giving blood today we decided it would probably be in our best interest to eat something, so we wouldn’t pass out from low blood sugar or whatever people pass out from when giving blood. The breakfast stop today was chosen purely on location. We have been here before, and thought we wrote about it, but I guess not. Here is the story of breakfast at West Wisconsin diner. Located no where else but on West Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton (technically Grand Chute). 

Unique Crowd In a Busy Place

There is always a unique crowd in West Wisconsin diner. By that I mean, there has always been a complete mixed bag of people when Food In The Fox has been there. Also, every time we have been in there, it has been pretty busy. There are usually a few waitresses running around pouring coffee and waiting on tables. They are always very prompt, friendly and ready to top off your coffee after the first few sips. They also recently changed up their menu, or at least they looked different. New menus, same menu items. Either way, I went in the direction of the vegetable omelet for breakfast before donating blood.

Veggie Omelet. Yum. 

The omelet only took about 5-6 minutes to arrive at the table and came with a side of fruit and choice of white, wheat or rye. The fruit was fruit cocktail out of a can and included pineapple, grapes, honeydew and cantelope. The omelet included tomato, onion, and green pepper. It was a typical omelet and the flavor? Well, it tasted like a normal omelet and the wheat toast was not soaking in butter, which was nice. Overall, a good, cheap, filling breakfast for $7. This place has never disappointed. I will be back.


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West Wisconsin Diner
3011 West Wisconsin Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914

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