Grazies Italian Grill [Bruschetta Chicken Wrap]

Grazies Bruschetta Chicken Wrap

It was another productive morning up around Green Bay when the morning slowly faded into lunchtime. The Food in the Fox team had to be in Neenah early that afternoon so we decided to go with a place we knew would be reliable and quick. Grazies’ friendly staff even asks you when you sit down for lunch if you are pressed for time, which is kind of nice. They also trot out the dipping oil and bread without delay.

The Dipping Oil & Bread

This is my third time around at Grazies and as was the case with the first two trips, one of the highlights of the meal was the 14-spice signature dipping oil and the white bread that came with it. To quote myself from a post written back in — wow, time flies — January, “The bread is pretty damn good, but the dipping oil… oh boy. It alone is probably worth the trip. If you want to take a bottle home it’ll set you back $12.99.”

Bruschetta Chicken Wrap

Last time we visited Grazies I opted for another type of chicken wrap, and I’m going to have to go with saying I enjoyed that one much more than the bruschetta wrap I’m going to chat about here today. The bruschetta chicken wrap is pesto-grilled chicken breast with fresh tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinegar and spices, provolone cheese, crushed pesto croutons, and a Greek feta cheese dressing, all rolled into flatbread. That’s pretty much verbatim from the menu … which makes me wonder if anything can really be called “pretty much verbatim.” That random thought aside, I was a bit disappointed that the balsamic vinegar overpowered every other flavor in the wrap. The flatbread was a standard green tortilla, which was lackluster considering I ranted and raved about the wrapper last time out. Maybe it was psychological. I have been a bit turned off from green tortillas since a trip to Molly’s a while back. There is also some sort of dining trend where the tortilla is about the size of a garbage can lid. I usually end up tearing about half of it off and setting it aside, as was the case here. 

On the upside, everything seemed nice and fresh, service was quick, the bread and dipping oil flowed freely, lunch came in around $9.50, the coleslaw was tasty, and writing this point is giving me something to do on an otherwise uneventful Sunday evening while I wait for a chicken to finish roasting in the oven!

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Grazies Bruschetta Chicken Wrap


Grazies Italian Grill
2851 S. Oneida St.
Green Bay, WI 54304

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