Scuba’s Pourhouse [Gyro]

Scuba's Pourhouse Gyro

Scuba’s Pourhouse was on the schedule for today’s THRIVE Lunch and turnout was pretty good. We had 12 or 13  of the regulars walk through the door, which isn’t bad at all considering the bar turnouts tend to be a little lighter than what we get at traditional restaurants (not counting THRIVE After 5!). Even though I didn’t have to pay for lunch today, I decided to take it easy on my benefactor and run with a gyro and water. Grand total? $5.50.

A Good Dollar-to-Gyro Value Ratio

Scuba’s gyro is a very simple affair. What you see is what you get: tomatoes, onions, and gyro meat (not off the spindle) piled fairly high on a thick pita. A decent tzatziki sauce was on the side. As gyros go, it was fair. As cheap gyros go, it was actually quite good. There definitely wasn’t anything wrong with it … I mean, it’s somewhat difficult to screw up heating some gyro meat and tossing it on a pita along with some fresh onions and tomatoes. So, as a cheap lunch gyro? Go for it! Looking for a more substantial offering? Give one of the following a try:

Recent and Not-so-Recent Fox Valley Gyros

Great Service

On a big upside, service today was outstanding. I didn’t catch the waitress’ name, but she was quick, friendly, organized, and didn’t seem at all flustered by the idea of powering through a lunchtime rush and a series of rather detailed questions about the nature of Scuba’s chips. If I owned a bar or restaurant I might be trying to steal her away.

- T

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Scuba's Pourhouse Gyro


Scuba’s Pourhouse
1309 E. Wisconsin Ave.
Appleton, WI ‎54915

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